Spud Wars Engineering Challenges

Creating with Green Screens

Listening to stories

Learning to code

Drawing with friends

Reading with a friend

What is a learning Commons?

A learning commons is an inclusive, flexible, learner-centered space for collaboration, inquiry, imagination and play. As schools change, school libraries must also evolve from simply providing information to students to engaging students and helping prepare them to become critical thinkers, evaluators, users, and creators of information and knowledge.

In addition to providing access to traditional forms of knowledge like books, periodicals and print information, students have access to other forms of media and devices they will need to create and share. Students can determine how best to use the space and resources to create, explore, collaborate, problem solve, read, invent, design, construct and wonder.

Building with Lego

Artistic creations on the marble run wall

Reading along with an audiobook

Collaborative designs

Using VR goggles